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Campbell's Honey is a Canadian beekeeper blog and a great place to read expert tips, and stories and understand an apiarist and his love of honeybees. Today is Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bringing in the First Flow


Its been a busy week at Campbell's Honey, as we begin to harvest the  early honey crop, and fill the shelves in the Honeyhouse store  for our annual August - September honey sales.

Every beekeeper has a different  technique for honey harvesting
. The problem, of course, is to get the honey on the truck, minus the bees.

This can be accomplished by many different means. Years ago, "bee escapes" (devices which allowed the bees to pass one way only) were popular, but the downfall was in lifting the heavy honey boxs, to install the device next to the brood chamber.

Later, "Beego,"an acid, was brushed on a fume board, and placed on the top of the hive. The heat of the sun on the metal board caused the acid to fume, and the bees were chased down.This was effective, and widely used, until evidence of the acid was found in the honey.

This season, our approach is quite different.

First we checked each colony for full honey supers, which we  pried off  and set on their ends, on  a hive top (see picture). When the beeyard was completely checked, and all the full boxes were sitting on the hive tops, we went along and smoked each super. This moved the bees out of the honey frames, and onto the outside of the super, where they be could easily blown off with the bee-blower.

Then, before the bees found it again, we quickly carried the honey to the truck, where we stacked the supers on pallets.

Back at the honeyhouse,  the heavy supers are easily wheeled from the truck to the cooling room.

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