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Campbell's Honey is a Canadian beekeeper blog and a great place to read expert tips, and stories and understand an apiarist and his love of honeybees. Today is Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Extracting the Fall Flow


September is here, and we are well into extracting our fall honey crop. Its been a lighter honey harvest than usual because of the cool wet summer. However we are pleased to see the brood chambers full of honey, and a good population of healthy bees, as we remove the honey from the colonies.

The bees will continue to forage for honey, and pack it into every available spot in the brood chambers,  even thought the honey supers have been removed from the hive. We are seeing the worker bees expelling the drones already. The workers wait by the hive entrance, and block the drones as they try to enter the hive after their daily flight. The worker bees do this to conserve food in preparation for a long cold winter. A drones usefullness is past once the Queen is mated, and he will do nothing but eat honey all winter,( a waste of food which will not be tolerated by the colony.)

Today we picked the honey from 6 beeyards, and brought it into the honeyhouse. We were surprised to find that this honey was a mixture Purple Loosestrife, Buckwheat, and Goldenrod.

Once its extracted and in the tank,  the  taste and color of this unusual blend of delightful fall honeys will tell the story. Everything depends on how it looks, and how it tastes.

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